Exploring the art of contemporary printmaking

FROM the traditional to the digital, the process of printmaking offers an infinite range of possibilities.

Imagery and ideas are layered and evolve through various states, celebrating the power and diversity of the graphic mark.

A new exhibition at the Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) is delving into the practices of three contemporary Tasmanian artists, all of whom have national and international standing in the medium of printmaking.

‘Push, Pull, Press’ showcases the artists’ diverse approaches to the medium and process of printmaking through an individual series of works and one large collaborative piece bringing together a range of printmaking media.

Artists Milan Milojevic, Jennifer Marshall and Dr Yvonne Rees-Pagh explore the intrinsic qualities of print through political, historical and fictional themes.

During the exhibition, they will conduct two workshops in monoprinting using the Akua pin press, including a workshop with students from local schools.

Historically referred to as “the painterly print,” monoprinting has been used as an alternative means of mark making developed by the hands of rebellious painters.

Unlike many other printmaking methods, which are often very time-consuming and restrained, monoprinting allows the print artist more freedom of expression and speed of printing.

The exhibition will continue until Saturday 16 September 2017.

Caption: Photo credit: Dr Yvonne Rees-Pagh, ‘The Dragon Blood Tree of Socotra’ (detail), 2017, Linocut.