The wonders of healthy eating

By Maddison Brady

Year 10, Hilliard Christian School

OVER the seven years I have done Home Economics at school, it has always been a favourite of mine.

It is a subject that you can take many life skills away from, such as kitchen safety, cooking and baking, or health and hygiene.

This term specifically we have been looking at health foods and how we can make some of our favourite meals healthy.

But to do this our Home Economics teacher Mrs Matteo repeatedly reminds us to keep an open mind.

Some of the dishes we have made so far are mind blowing as to how similar it tastes to the original dish, although it’s healthy.

This includes the Magic Chocolate Bean Cake, which actually contains beans as a replacement for flour.

Along with eating healthy, we have learnt how making foods from scratch with fresh ingredients is a much better alternative to pre-packaged foods.

We are very grateful to Bunnings Warehouse Glenorchy, who have given our school a voucher so we can have a small herb garden for our class.

This will impact us greatly as we will be able to see that even something as small as the herbs in your meals can change the taste of a dish completely.

So, I would like to give a huge thank you to Bunnings for this generous gift as it will help us to continue looking at the value of healthy eating in our lives.

Caption: Hilliard Christian School students Michael Hague, left, and Noah Voss.